Care advice

The gentlest way to wash bras (especially preformed bras) is by hand. This helps bras retain their fit for a particularly long time and prevents them from wearing out so quickly.For hand washing, simply fill a bowl or sink with lukewarm water and add a dab of mild detergent. Then leave the bra to soak for a while and rinse well with cold water. Fine fabrics (do not wring out the lace).


If you don't have much time or are just too comfortable, you can also wash your bra in the washing machine.

Wash your bra in the washing machine: Don't forget the washing net!

If you want to wash your bra in the washing machine, always use a washing net and choose a wash cycle with low temperature and spin cycle.

Especially with underwire bras, the underwires can come loose and damage the washing machine and the rest of the laundry. You don't have a laundry net? Then a pillowcase will do.

It is also important to close the hooks so that they do not catch on other fabrics. Also important: The shells should not be turned inwards. To be on the safe side, you can also use a washing ball.


Another thing to remember when washing your bra:


- Sort by colour to avoid discolouration.

- Don't pack the washing machine too full so that the bras keep their shape.

- Self-adhesive bras, cup bras, lace bras and silk bras should never be washed in the washing machine.