"Easy fit for your journey  of motherhood and childbed"

The postpartum period is a 6–8-week time span after childbirth in which the body regenerates from the pregnancy and recover from the delivery. Life can seem bewildering – you´re getting to know your newborn and emotions might be all over the place.

Mothers learn the most important hand movements and get used to the new life situation.

During the postpartum period, midwives and lactation consultants are skilled to ensure the bond between mother and child as well as breastfeeding. They also identify any support with positioning, baby-led attachment that may be needed. 


Whether you have a spontaneous birth or a c-section, our range of products will increase your well-being factor. Well-fitting briefs are especially recommended after childbirth (waist briefs - no cutting elastic bands - seamless bottoms, patented fabrics for hygiene).

Through constant exchange with mothers, midwives, and the manufacturers, we have been able to gather a lot of information worth knowing over the last nine years and are happy to pass on our experience.  


We look forward to meeting you and your baby!

Smart Underwear

After childbirth, the soft belly, skin and cell structure needs time to recover. It is not so easy and recommended to practice sport straight after and the wonderful first weeks with your newborn is more important than “to get in shape” immediately.

However smart underwear items can support your skin, muscles, and cell structure giving gentle support around the belly area and hips after pregnancy. 

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