"Looking incredible in a perfect nursing bra"

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Bravado Nursing Bra

Before birth, breast growth has increased about 1-2 cups sizes. With the production of milk within the first few days after giving birth, the breasts become larger and firmer again. The amount of milk and your breast size will increase or decrease, depending how often your baby feeds. About two weeks after, the breasts size has adapted to the demand and new role is has taken on.



There are bra manufacturers who use innovative fabrics that stretch without losing shape. Many manufacturers use fixed underbust bands instead of underwires or use plastic underwires. You can quickly find out which model best suits your shape, wardrobe, and lifestyle with our expert guidance.

Perfect fit - what makes a well-fitting nursing bra? Every breast shape is unique, and the right measurement is the first and most important step. The size of the underbust as the length of the straps and the width between the cups are important criteria for finding the right bra.

In our bra session, we draw your attention to the different functions, show you the practical handling – what makes the difference in wearing a well fitted bra.

This allows you, even after breastfeeding, to become a professional when it comes to LOVE THE BODY YOU'RE IN. 


Duration of breastfeeding

The duration of breastfeeding has no effect on the size of the breast after nursing. Breast changes after pregnancy and breastfeeding are different for every woman and depend on genetic characteristics and hormonal balance. About six months after the end of breastfeeding, the glandular content is replaced by fat again, which often gives the breast a little "push". After the baby period, you should treat yourself to a new bra that fits perfectly.

Why do you need a nursing bra?

During breastfeeding, your breasts are heavier and larger than usual. Therefore, they need good support, otherwise back pain can occur.

 It’s important to have her wear a properly fitted bra so that there is no pressure/restricton on her breasts at any time. Make sure there is stretch in her bra to accommodate growth and change, especially during those cluster feeds which increase milk supply

A good nursing bra is functional, practical and should look good. The cup can be opened and closed easily with one hand, giving your baby uncomplicated and quick access to your breast.

Especially if you are on your way and not home, a nursing bra is the perfect solution, because it gives you enough freedom of movement. Smart and modern fabrics will shape your breast and accomplish to be worn under tight shirts and dresses.


Full shape, Seamless Bustier, Flexi-Wire-Bras

Full Shape, Seamless Bustier, Non-wired-Bra or Flexi-wired-Bra

What should you consider when buying a bra?

The basic rule is: whether sexy, sportive, practical, with or without underwire - it's your decision which type of nursing bra you choose. The most important thing is your comfort and the size of your breasts. Under no circumstances should the milk ducts and glands around the breast be pinched off.


Breast consultation should include:

- Measurement of the under- and overbust

- Determination of the cup size

With or without a wire?

 As long as you feel comfortable, there is nothing wrong with underwired nursing bras during breastfeeding.

The requirement is that they fit perfectly around the breast and that the underwires do not pinch or cut in, as this could lead to milk retention. 

...provided they are fitted correctly and worn during the intended stages of pregnancy and post. The wires of normal bras are designed to keep the bra in a rigid structure. The flexible wires engineered are softer, wider and deeper than the regular type. If fitted correctly, the wires should be sitting on or close to the chest wall and not any part of the breast tissue